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Van Brunt in the NEWS

Van Brunt Optical Haus has been featured in LOCALE Magazine as the indie shop to get your glasses and sunglasses in Orange County. Woot woot! We are proud to be included in the 27 things they can’t live without, because it means they like us, they reaaalllyyy like us! 🙂 But Truly, we are very honored to be recognized in our community as a cool place to get your eyewear needs met. We love our community and our customers. Can’t…

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Kirk & Kirk

Self Expression Via Kirk&Kirk What is Self Expression, and Why is it Important? Self expression is the way we share ourselves with others. It’s the clothes we wear, the things we say, and the art we create. It’s important to us as humans to communicate with others who we really are. To be seen, to be heard, and understood.  Many of our clients enjoy expressing themselves through their eyewear. And that’s who this blog is for. It’s for you. One of…

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Barton Perreira

Both Bill Barton and Patty Perreira have been in the eyewear industry designing and running other companies for over 30 years each. Before starting their namesake company, they both contributed immensely to the iconic eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. It was a sad day in the eyewear industry when Luxottica acquired Oliver Peoples. But lucky for us eyewear aficionados, it seems like a few OP designers and show runner alumni have gone on to create their own success stories. Design Without…

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Small Face Shapes

Get The Right Fit Everyone has unique features and style, and to come across a frame that makes your heart flutter is always exciting… especially when it is so hard to find. Many of our customers come to us with some pretty specific needs. We love finding them a pair to suite their personality, and of course – to fit them physically. Read on for tricks of the trade for finding a good fit for smaller face shapes. Glasses for…

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