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TWO With a View – Anniversary and LA Eyeworks Trunk Show

April 3, 2018

Van Brunt Optical Haus Presents: “Two with a View” — L.A. Eyeworks Trunk Show and Portrait Exhibit We are excited to share our vision with you as we head in to our Third Year! We love working with brands that share the same passion and Vision for glasses as we do, so we are happy to showcase L.A. Eyeworks for our 2nd Anniversary Trunk Show. Our L.A. Eyeworks rep will bring in trunks full of colorful and unique L.A. Eyeworks…

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Vision Expo West – Las Vegas, Nevada

September 22, 2017

Venturing into the desert has long been a right of passage for many people. It tests you, what you think you’re made of and what you actually are. The desolate beauty of the desert is overwhelming, and frightening at the same time. The hot earth beneath your feet is cracked and barren where nothing can survive, except the strong and determined. There is also the camaraderie formed with those who go with you, and make it out. And then there is…

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August 13, 2017

Van Brunt Optical Haus had their first Trunk Show last Friday! Thank you Everyone who came out to the trunk show! Big thank you to Brett, our GLCO rep, for coming down with the whole collection and hanging out with us. And another big shout out to Carl at Drifter for letting us set up in your beautiful store! The wine, the cheese, the music, and of course the GLASSES!! Sunglasses, optical glasses, folding glasses and mirrored glasses! There were…

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Task Lenses- Office, Computer and Reading

April 18, 2017

What are Task Lenses? Have you ever squinted at your laptop in disdain? Are you rubbing your eyes throughout the day trying to get your vision in focus or just to get some relief?  Is the screen getting blurrier as you read this? As opticians, our job is to find out what your optical needs are. Optometrists test your eyes for the strength of correction you need, but it’s the duty of the optician to look at the prescription, interpret…

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