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I’m Laura Van Brunt, owner of Van Brunt Optical Haus. As a certified optician with decades of experience in the eyewear industry, I take pride in getting to know every one of my clients and offering one-of-a-kind frames that align with both personality and lifestyle needs. During 1:1 consultations, I present clients with various frame options and recommendations to compliment facial features as well as accommodate written prescriptions. Once we settle on the perfect frames, clients can purchase them as is or get prescription lenses filled as an optical or sunglass.

Van Brunt Optical Haus is exclusively anti-corporate and anti-mass production - I only carry independent, minimum-production eyewear brands with an emphasis on high-quality materials, unique design, and handmade construction. Glasses are your most important accessory and should be treated as a work of art - schedule an appointment today so we can get you the pair that you deserve.

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Tuesday - Saturday
11am - 4pm

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