Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf

Hi, Andy

Andy Wolf is a European independent eyewear company with a distinctive mod aesthetic. Their styles and colors will resonate with people whose style is free spirited, minimal and fun.

Everyone tends to think that Andy Wolf is the designer himself, however it is actually a combination of the founders’ names. Three friends started the Andy Wolf company in 2006: Andreas, Wolfgang and Katharina.

Ökopark in Hartberg

From their humble beginning of 3 friends, the company grew to 30, and to presently 50 people.

Unlike many eyewear companies, Andy Wolf owns and operates all parts of the design process. They focus on sustainability and regionalism. There are 50 people and 90 steps that go into the making of a single Andy Wolf frame. From design, to prototype, to actual manufacturing and assembly – it is all done under one roof in their headquarters at Ökopark in Hartberg.

The Collections

Andy Wolf has three collections – each with a different aesthetic: Love, White Heat, and Soul.

Most styles throughout the collections are plays on unique shapes like extreme cat eyes, funky shaped aviators, and light and medium tints.

Every season Andy Wolf’s collections exude a compelling modern and elegant feel, with a hint of cool from decades passed. If you have a creative flair for fashion, this brand might be your new ”go to” for eyewear.

The Curation

Van Brunt Optical Haus takes pride in curating not only unique brands for you, but also unique pieces and colors from each brand we carry.

Especially with a brand like Andy Wolf, the brand produces so many styles and colors each season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

One of our all time favorite styles from Andy Wolf is the Brigitte. We love it’s easy elegance and love that it comes in classic black, and also more casual colors like yellow, mint green, and rose gold.

Andy Wolf Brigitte

Quality Workmanship

They admit that cost of production is higher in their home country of Austria. But, they believe in using the talented workforce that exists there to produce sustainable, high quality eyewear that they are proud to put their name on. We love everything about Andy Wolf, and are happy to have them in our shop. Come see what we have curated for you at Van Brunt Optical Haus.

To get an in depth look at their workmanship, check out their production video below.

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