The story goes that Roger Pouilloux was an avid ski enthusiast and avant garde optician who offered the French professional skier Jean Vuarnet a pair of sunglasses – just because he was a fan. Jean Vuarnet wore the gifted sunglasses with Skilynx lenses, and went on to win the Olympic gold medal in the 1960 downhill ski race a few months later.

Yes kids, this is the stuff that legends are made of. After the Olympics the two became partners – and the Vuarnet sunglass brand went on to become an iconic powerhouse all over the world, for decades.

It was sporty. It was elegant. It was French.

Fast forward to present day, Vuarnet is back. Thank the sunglass gods, Vuarnet is back and just the way we remember it.

How do you make something that is so thoroughly functional and exquisitely gorgeous?

We will start with:

The Lenses

The mineral glass lenses are completely tailored to any outdoor activity you can imagine. Oh, you’re going sailing today and mountain climbing tomorrow? They have lenses for that. Golfing… on a ocean liner… headed for Alaska? Well yeah, who isn’t. My point is Vuarnet has lens options that are designed to work for literally anyone. Polarized, or mirrored, or both- or neither. And they are *all* made out of chemically tempered mineral glass so they’re shock resistant and scratch resistant. Very important for the outdoor enthusiast and the naturally clumsy.

Besides blocking 100% of UV rays like all quality sunglasses should, Vuarnet’s lenses *also* absorb up to 98% of Infrared Rays.

Infrared Rays are the Rays responsible for heating things up, so when you feel the actual heat beating down on you outside, those are the infrared rays hitting your skin, and your eyeballs. I am a self proclaimed lens nerd, and I think this IR blocking tech is the coolest thing, haha – literally, since polarization.

Vuarnet has also started a prescription lens program!

So, for those of us who need to wear correction and usually don’t get to partake in these amazing lenses without wearing contacts, this is the bee’s knees. There are restrictions, of course. Usually a total power over +2.50 or -2.50 is a no go.

They are the exact glass lenses that come in the regular sunglasses, with the Vuarnet laser etched logo and everything.

The Vuarnet lab in France only processes complete frame and lens orders, so we can’t send in a frame that you’ve already had. Usual turn around time is about 8 weeks.


The Style

And then you mix in some of that elegant, sporty French Je ne sais quoi.

If Vuarnet only had their lenses to offer, I would still be a fan.

But they don’t only make lenses, they have made some of the most iconic and recognizable frames to date.

Such as their very first frame produced- the classic 02 model that Jean Vuarnet won the gold medal in, was also loved by the likes of Mick Jagger and Romy Schneider. Their current collection has revived some beloved iconic pieces, like the 02 and the Glacier, and has introduced some new styles.

Writing a blog about Vuarnet is kind of like writing a blog about Zeus or Hercules.

Is it really necessary?

No, for legends need no introduction – they require an announcement.

So excited to announce that Vuarnet is in the Haus!

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