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Tavat is not only modernizing vintage eyewear, Tavat is futurizing it.

Tavat is for people who have the latest tech in all of their devices, but prefer to carry all that tech in a vintage leather satchel. For people while on the wait list for a Tesla, will ride a vintage motorcycle cross country. The extreme juxtaposition of Tavat is  second nature to people living in extremely opposing lifestyles. The web designer working on his laptop in a 200 year old Italian coffee shop. The astronomer looking through a computerized telescope at a star that has already died.

Tavat is for people who love the past, AND embrace the future.

Tavat is a family owned eyewear company. Even better still, it is the brain child of a family of opticians. Since 2010, It has been designed locally in Pasadena, and carefully hand crafted in Italy. To state that Tavat draws inspiration from the old and the new is an understatement. The creator of Tavat set out to innovate eyewear itself, and to do it differently.

Not just different colors. Not just different styles.

Seriously different: inventing and creating new construction methods, and exploring alternative lens technology. Tavat did their R&D right, and it shows.

From cosmetic design to mechanical construction, Tavat is unlike anything you have ever seen.

The Basics

Weather optical or sunglass, all of the collections use a cotton based acetate for it’s plastic frame styles and are hand polished to give the frame a rich luster.

For sports models, Tavat constructs frames out of Nylon Grilamid TR-90. Nylon is heat resistant, and does not warp. It holds it’s shape even when left in hot areas like the car dashboard. It is also light weight and impact resistant. The perfect material for sports.

Metal frame styles are made of surgical stainless steel.

Stainless steel is nickle free, hypoallergenic, can be cut thin so it’s lightweight while maintaining strength.

Surgical stainless steel is also corrosion resistant, and holds on to its luster and shine over time.

Tavat has four collections: Soup Can, Tactile, Airman and Maree.

Great ideas are born in the heat of the moment and inspiration can strike at anytime. For Tavat’s lead designer Norman Schureman, inspiration for the Soup Can collection struck while visiting a friend who built airplanes in Arizona. Seeing his friend’s vintage posters of aviators from the 1930’s sparked a thought. Norman said those airmen looked like they were wearing goggles that were constructed out of soup can bottoms. So aptly named, the Soup Can collection was born.

Soup Can

The Soup Can collection feels like industrial era vintage, and yet being created by such a modern designer the frames look futuristic at the same time. By looking at frame design from his out of the box perspective, lead designer Norman Schureman of the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, CA and his team constructed a highly functional, sophisticated and unique frame.

Tavat Tactile Lenno TT416


The Tavat brand looks to the distant past to create eyewear reminiscent of the distant future. 

Design focused in Pasadena, the Aviator spirit is easy to see. They have taken the spirit of the 1930’s stunt flyers and fused it with NASA level technology to create a truly unique design that any modern day engineer would find fascinating. “Super Elastic Alloy” was first developed by NASA to launch solar panels in space. Tavat uses this alloy in their spring hinge Ex-Cam designs to prevent degradation of the spring hinge over time.

Tavat’s Tactile collection incorporates a special gear hinge. The teeth on the internal gear click as you unfold the temples of the frame, and you can feel a distinctive click each time one of the gears catches. Over time, the catching gear becomes oiled and smoother to the touch, but you can still feel it catching. It’s an interesting hinge design, and because Tavat did their research and testing, the hinge has been tested to perform past the equivalent of 8 years of use.


The Airman collection was designed with real aviators in mind. Styles come polarized and also Non-polarized because polarized lenses are actually dangerous for pilots already flying behind polarized windshields. The Airman collection uses Melanin lenses in their sunglasses. Melanin protects the eyes from blue light to give you comfortable clear vision with more contrasting colors. The Temples in the Airman collection have been designed to fit perfectly underneath a helmet or headphones. The bayonet style temple is sturdy, will stay in place, and is sleek. Anyone who has to wear a helmet for long periods of time will definitely appreciate the aesthetics of this frame, but also the functionality.

The science of the past is literally reinvented by Tavat, and they have lovingly kept the spirit of that past intact.

If you are an old soul living the dream in today’s modern society,

Tavat could definitely be your next pair.

Come see what we have curated for you.

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