Task Glasses- Office, Computer and Reading

What are Task Glasses?

Have you ever squinted at your laptop in disdain? Are you rubbing your eyes throughout the day trying to get your vision in focus or just to get some relief?  Is the screen getting blurrier as you read this? As opticians, our job is to find out what your optical needs are. Optometrists test your eyes for the strength of correction you need, but it’s the duty of the optician to look at the prescription, interpret it, and then give you something that you can use in your everyday life. We can make your life easier with Task Glasses for reading, computer or office.

Chefs, Musicians, Writers, Programmers – all do some serious work within their own sphere of 5-13 feet!

We love getting to know our clients, and if we get to chatting with you about your passion for web design and how hard it is to see the computer and your paperwork, then we will recommend a specific lens to help you see better. We hear often that people don’t know that Task Lenses are available  – because no one has ever bothered to tell them. We open a dialog when we see your prescription to find out what you’ll be doing in these glasses. Do you primarily wear contacts and just need something to wear while watching Netflix in your PJs? Or do you wear glasses every single second of the day in the office on the computer?

Task glasses are a set of lenses made specifically to help you do a particular activity or “task”

such as READING up close and COMPUTER MID RANGE.

Many people need different vision correction for different distances. Some people need a stronger prescription to see up close, some people need a weaker prescription to see up close.

An all purpose Progressive Lens works great for day to day activities: driving, walking, making breakfast, looking at a price tag, etc. Regular progressive lens styles make your life easier by not having to carry too many pairs of glasses to see distance and up close clearly and quickly. However, what works great for casual day to day wear, they are not ideal for reading or looking at a computer 8 hours a day.

Task lenses are glasses used to make a particular “task” more comfortable for your eyes by adjusting your general progressive lens correction to the distance of your task/activity. The most popular types of Task glasses are: Office progressives, Computer progressives, or Single vision reading lenses.

For anyone who works in an office or cubicle for 8 hours a day, I recommend an Office Progressive.

Depending on the size of your office, an office progressive can allow you to see a clock on the wall, your computer, and your cell phone.  Office progressives allow the wearer to see clearly up to a distance of  10 to 13 feet. This gives you more room in the lens than a general progressive for intermediate and close up. Giving you a few extra millimeters “opens up” your up close vision so you are not trying to focus through a small sliver of the lens, and that will relieve your eyes and help your eyes feel less strained at the end of the day.

Computer progressives are handy for people constantly looking at the computer and back down at documents.

Computer progressives are typically measured to give you clear vision for a max distance of 5 feet. Computer progressives incorporate a shorter range of vision than an Office Progressive, so the clock on the wall will be out of focus, as will anyone who enters the room.

But Computer Progressives are very handy for people with stronger reading prescriptions who also need to see the computer at the same time.

What about just basic “reading glasses”?

Single Vision Reading glasses are also considered Task glasses. If there isn’t a big difference from your distance and reading power, then a single vision reading or intermediate power lens can be made to give you clearer vision up close and on your computer.

Depending on the task at hand, there will be an optimal task lens. We can help fit you in the right lens style (Office, Computer or reading), the best material, and the best coating for you.

So give your eyeballs a break and check out Task Glasses made for what you do the most!

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