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How to Clean Your Glasses: The Secret that’s Not Supposed to Be

“What do I use to clean my glasses?” People passing through our shop for an adjustment, a repair, or cleaning, frequently ask this question. All of our regular clients KNOW how to clean their glasses- because it’s our duty as opticians to make sure you do. In fact we take this duty so seriously, Laura will basically not let you leave the store until she is convinced that you understand proper cleaning procedure. (Whether you actually do what we recommend…

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Customizing Your Glasses

What are custom made glasses? Have you ever looked at a pair of sunglasses and thought, “Man, these look great, but this ___(insert complaint here)___ is just not me. I would totally get these if they had __(insert solution here)__.” We are like little genies that can grant your optical wishes. Do you need an optical genie? Continue reading please. Part of being an independent optical shop is being able to say to you: “That’s okay, we are going to…

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