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Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO)

Garrett Leight

There is something about California that draws the fashionable, the progressive thinking, the adventurers and the independents. It also has the busiest, most populated and diverse cities in the country. But despite such diversity from the coast to inland, busy city to laid-back town, Cali has that “I just woke up this way so deal with it” kind of cool. There’s something alluring about that kind of independence. Maybe it’s the freedom to just do whatever you want. Maybe it’s…

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Food, Fashion and Frames in the OC MIX

Being located inside the OC Mix at SOCO, we see our fair share of creative microcosms. The foodies, the fashion, and the interior design. The OC Mix in the SOCO center is where all my favorite creative worlds collide in a fascinating, delicious, and colorful pallet of artisan goodies. But where do glasses fit into this mix? Glasses are just something you put on to see the menu, right? Think again. Have you noticed that your interior designer has the coolest pair…

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