Small Face Shapes

Get The Right Fit

Everyone has unique features and style, and to come across a frame that makes your heart flutter is always exciting… especially when it is so hard to find. Many of our customers come to us with some pretty specific needs. We love finding them a pair to suite their personality, and of course – to fit them physically.

Read on for tricks of the trade for finding a good fit for smaller face shapes.

Glasses for Petite

l.a. Eyeworks Sunny Yellow

Usually a petite frame fit is small “all around.” This means a smaller lens size, smaller bridge size and a shorter temple length. It’s not unusual for children’s frames to fit petite faces well. If you fall into this category, be sure to check for visible cartoon characters. Adult petite frames, depending on just how petite, are hard to come by. Whenever a collection we carry comes out with one, we tend to grab it.

Glasses for Narrow

Andy Wolf Blue Aviator

A narrow frame fit will usually have a smaller lens size, regular bridge width and regular temple length. Round shapes tend to fit better than rectangular shapes because the edges are rounded off and don’t extend past the cheek bone. The overall look tends to have a more balanced effect. Usually brands will design at least *one* style that fits more narrow. We always have a custom curation put together from all the brands we carry that will fit more narrow.

Glasses for Close Set Eyes

Tavat Soupcan

Probably the most challenging fit is where the eyeglass wearer needs a wide or regular fitting frame, but also a more narrow bridge. If you have close set eyes, the lenses will usually be the right size and the frame will fit too tight. Or the frame will feel fine, but your eyes are decentered inward towards the nasal. For the best fitting frame, try looking for metal and acetate combination frames with nosepads. These frames tend to have an extra couple milimeters on each side where the temple connects to the frame front, giving you extra headspace while keeping the lenses regular sized.

For Small Glasses…Come See Us

It is difficult to see ourselves objectively without the baggage of our own personal psyche. If you tend to fixate more on one part of your face, you will have a hard time trying to find something that you look good in. If you want help finding something that fits your facial features, that suites your personality, and that is comfortable and will work well with your prescription, then come see us!

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