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Based in New York during the early part of the century, Moscot was at the epicenter of fashion, science, hustle and bustle. 
The Moscot eyewear brand was founded in New York City in 1915 by optician: Hyman Moscot. 

Hyman had started selling ready made readers from a push cart in 1899, and eventually opened the Moscot store in 1915. 

Today, Moscot’s CEO is Dr. of Optometry Harvey Moscot, and the company is a well known eyewear brand with accounts all over the world.

Hyman Moscot
Hyman Moscot

The Originals

The Moscot brand is classic. No eyewear wardrobe could be complete without one of their “Originals.”

Moscot has been designing eyewear for about a century or so, and the company still has certain styles from the 1930-80’s in current production. They aptly named this vintage collection “The Originals”.

Two of Moscot’s most iconic pieces, and part of the Original collection, are the Lemtosh and the Miltzen. These iconic shapes have been seen on intellectuals and creatives ever since their creation in the 1930’s and 1960’s. The Originals is a fantastic collection for people who want the look of real vintage, but with the newness and fresh colors of today’s manufacturing.

Lemtosh Sun in Black: 1960's
Lemtosh Sun in Black: 1960’s
Miltzen Sun in Classic Havana: 1930's
Miltzen Sun in Classic Havana: 1930’s

The Lemtosh 

Van Brunt Optical Haus curates the Lemtosh style in multiple colors and sizes. It’s a beautiful classic in all black, and a fun statement in ruby red or emerald green. The soft square shape suites a variety of different face shapes and styles. It is available in clear optical or sunglass.

We currently have curated for you the Lemtosh sunglasses in size 49, and clear optical styles in size 46 and 44.

The Miltzen

Van Brunt Optical Haus curates the Miltzen in multiple colors and sizes as well. It is a round shape that works well for more square face shapes and quirkier styles. But we have seen *plenty* of rounder face shapes rock this frame!

We currently have curated for you the Miltzen in size 49 sunglasses, and size 46 and 44 in clear optical styles.

If real vintage frames are what you’re after, you should take a peek at our Retrospecs page!

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