l.a. Eyeworks

l.a. Eyeworks

Be you.

 “Just be yourself, people will like you just the way you are-and if they don’t, then you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.”  Truth be told, we all know it sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds..  It takes effort to be ourselves. To think about what we like, and to purposely create our lives to how WE want, to do what makes US happy. It takes effort to wake up and realize that what we see on TV is someone ELSES’ idea of beauty, success, etc.  To be ourselves, it takes a special kind of disagreeablenss. To be ourselves, it takes a certain kind of insightfulness. It might feel like we are swimming upstream alone, until we look around and spot a few others doing the same.
Enter l.a. Eyeworks.

l.a. Eyeworks – Born in Los Angeles 

Two opticians opened a shop on Melrose Avenue in 1979, and couldn’t quite find a collection that THEY wanted to sell. So they made their own. Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds used their insight to bring something lacking to the fashion scene. l.a. Eyeworks designs everything in Los Angeles, and their designs are handmade in Italy and Japan. Their glasses have made their way onto the faces of iconic celebs throughout the years since.

Colorful and Unique Glasses

l.a. Eyeworks

The l.a.Eyeworks eyewear collection  has bold cat eyes and pentagon shapes, perfect circles and glitter leopard colors. I have never seen some of the color combinations they come out with, and they release new colorways and styles every season. While some of the styles seem wild, they are all surprisingly wearable. All styles come in limited colorways and limited quantities so you shouldn’t see your neighbor wearing your exact same frame, unless it’s on purpose. We love everything about these frames, and we always hand pick the best styles of each season for you.

l.a. Eyeworks Funzone

I believe that life is too long to try to fit in with people who don’t really “get you” or  to fill your time and your life with things that don’t really matter to you. Why wear something that you just feel “blah” about when you could wear something every day that makes you smile?

Like attracts like. Let’s find our kind of people by putting ourselves out there! If you like to crochet your own clothes, go for it! If you like to bake homemade goodies, share them! And if you like fun frames, come over and check out what Van Brunt Optical Haus has meticulously curated for you from l.a. Eyeworks.

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