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Self Expression Via Kirk&Kirk

What is Self Expression, and Why is it Important?

Self expression is the way we share ourselves with others. It’s the clothes we wear, the things we say, and the art we create. It’s important to us as humans to communicate with others who we really are. To be seen, to be heard, and understood.  Many of our clients enjoy expressing themselves through their eyewear.

And that’s who this blog is for. It’s for you.

Chromatic K&K Portrait

One of the coolest brands we curate for our shop right now is Kirk & Kirk.


Kirk Family of Optics

In optics for 100 years, the Kirk family has made some significant strides in the eyewear industry. Based out of London, two brothers started the business in 1919.

The company evolved from making lenses with a modified sewing machine, to developing their own specialized acrylic. So fast forward 100 years, the company is spear headed by husband and wife: Jason and Karen Kirk. And they have a new collection out called “Centena” in honor of their family’s hundredth year in the biz.

Kirk & Kirk Family

Kirk Aesthetic

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter

This brand will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted MORE of their favorite color on a pair of glasses. Bold and Translucent Colorways dominate the K&K collections.

If you’ve ever held a Jolly Rancher up the the light, then you have a pretty good idea of how these glasses will look in person. 

K&K has a plethora of cat eye shapes, but also plenty of angular squared off shapes that are great for men, or anyone wanting a strong look.

And although color is their strong suite and trademark of the K&K style, they also have colors in a more neutral color pallet.

Kirk Quality

Handmade in France

K&K uses their own specialized acrylic to manufacture frames. Acrylic is lightweight, durable, and able to give frame styles that “pop” in color K&K has become known for. 

Acrylic allows the frames to be chunky without all the extra weight. They do take longer to adjust than acetate frames, but good things come to those who wait. Once adjusted, they will cool and hold their shape beautifully.

Kirk & Kirk Hana

Authentic Self

Self Expression helps us communicate with others, and it also helps us to find and connect with other people with similar interests. 

When we express our authentic selves it makes us feel good, we are happier, more productive and we thrive. So cheers to an authentic, thriving you!

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