How to Clean Your Glasses: The Secret that’s Not Supposed to Be

“What do I use to clean my glasses?”

People passing through our shop for an adjustment, a repair, or cleaning, frequently ask this question. All of our regular clients KNOW how to clean their glasses- because it’s our duty as opticians to make sure you do.

In fact we take this duty so seriously, Laura will basically not let you leave the store until she is convinced that you understand proper cleaning procedure. (Whether you actually do what we recommend is up to you, but it’s our priority to make sure you know how to.)

What has happened to the art of dispensing eyewear, that people don’t have the foggiest idea of how to keep their nice glasses clean?

The tragedy, the horror of dirty glasses!

Having chronically smudged and oily glasses with (gasp!) green buildup on the nose pads is the fastest way to a poor first impression.

Yes, you might have spent a good amount of time and money putting your look together. Yes, part of your “look” might require some scruffiness and well thought out and fashionably placed holes here and there. You might be thinking that this having clean glasses thing is a bit nit picky.

To give this situation some context, having chronically dirty glasses is like having dirt under your fingernails or ketchup stains on your nice shirt all the time. That’s not stylish. That’s not part of the look. Don’t be that person.

You’re a sharp and sophisticated individual, so let’s look like it.

IF you recognize that this has been you, it’s not the end of the world.

Keep reading. Read ALL of it.

We want you to look your best,

so here is a Step By Step easy rundown on the quick and dirty secret

that’s not supposed to be a secret:

Clean Glasses

Step 1. Go to the kitchen sink.

Step 2. Turn on the cold water.

Step 3. Squirt a pea sized amount of dish soap onto each lens.

Step 4. Rub soap gently on the lens, nose pads, and temples using your finger tips.

Step 5. Rinse soap off completely under cool running water.

Step 6. Blot dry with clean microfiber or cotton towel.

Step 7. Give lenses a final wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. (Please note that if your microfiber cloth is dirty, it will leave a film on your lenses from all the dust, dirt and oils it has collected. Throw your cloths in the wash once or twice a month; cold water, gentle cycle – NO softener added to wash – throw in dryer – NO dryer sheet added)

Step 8. (Optional): If your glasses have nose pads that used to be clear, and now are *ahem* Greenish – you can use an old toothbrush to scrub the nose pads and dislodge any build up that has accumulated, and rinse.

And Voila! There you have it folks. You can do this. You can clean your glasses.

No one will really even know that you did this.

They’ll just say, “Wow, you look extra nice today.”

P.S. – You can use eyeglass lens sprays (READ: NO WINDOW CLEANER)
for glasses when you’re out and about, but soap and water is the trick for everyday cleaning and maintenance.

***For Frames with Wooden/Horn/Stone temples, just do this process to the lenses***

**Side Note** You can also use a liquid hand soap, as long as it doesn’t have moisturizing beads or exfoliants. You can also use/buy a small ultrasonic cleaning machine and the solution. Basically the dishwasher for glasses.

But – I prefer dish soap.

And as always, stop in and see us for a complimentary cleaning and adjustment on your eyewear and sunglasses.  We are always more than happy to help!

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