Food, Fashion and Frames in the OC MIX

Being located inside the OC Mix at SOCO, we see our fair share

of creative microcosms. The foodies, the fashion, and the interior


The OC Mix in the SOCO center is where all my favorite creative worlds collide in a fascinating, delicious, and colorful pallet of artisan goodies. But where do glasses fit into this mix? Glasses are just something you put on to see the menu, right?

Think again.

Have you noticed that your interior designer has the coolest pair of sleek, yet bold eyewear as they go over plans for your new living room?

And come to think about it, doesn’t that food blogger you follow on Instagram wear the perfect pair of nerdy, yet not trying too hard computer glasses?

And what fall time fashion photoshoot is complete without an amazing pair of sunglasses to complement that checkered flannel shirt and cute ankle bootie combo?


Could it be that glasses are the one thing: the throw rug, the seasoning, and the stitch

that respectively holds the design, foodie and fashion worlds together??


If I may be so bold, in my perfect pair of designer/fashion/foodie glasses… YES.  Glasses and sunglasses are yet another creative outlet to express yourself. Curating your wardrobe should most definitely include curating the perfect pair of glasses to flatter your face and your style!

This is our niche, among the creative minds that put together amazing meals, we put amazing glasses on the creative minds that crave something unique. If you don’t like to wear what everyone else is wearing, do what everyone else is doing, then this is your kind of place.

SOCO and the OC Mix has become a culinary destination, so you may be unaware that when

you visit Van Brunt Optical Haus, it is actually your creative soul that is about to be nourished.

See you soon.

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