Fhone Eyewear

If you yell out into an empty abyss “Who am I supposed to be?” The only answer you will likely get in return is an endless echo of yourself asking the same question. You can ask yourself forever, but the answer will always be yourself answering you back. You are supposed to be, you! Enter FHone, from the original creators of Freudenhaus circa 1991.

“QUALITY. Being German, we stay true to our roots.”

Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer are the original creators of Freudenhaus from 1991, and have now created a brand new FHone Eyewear Collection. Going back to square one, reinventing themselves, and evolving. From Freudenhaus to FHone. Freudenhaus square one.

They emphasize that Design, Comfort, Quality and Customer service are their 4 main core elements that define their brand.

“We believe that German design goes hand in hand with quality.

German engineering, German quality control, German and Japanese manufacturing

 guarantees that you will receive a product of the highest quality and it’s handmade,

which  means it is made by hand.”


When you see the FHone line, you can immediately tell that it is German.

Fhone design is all about strong angles, brushed and shiny titanium metal and a little bit of funk in many of their designs. It’s simple, cool and clean. So different from anything else we have in the shop, it’s so…German! (And that’s exactly why we have it in the shop!)

“Japanese Titanium, Italian Acetate and Calibrated hinges from Austria combined with German Engineering and Stefan Flatscher Design”

Glasses become a part of your personality, or as we say, glasses are a reflection of your personality, and your style. While you think you may be asking, “Do these frames look good on my face shape?” What you’re really asking is, “Can you see who I am through these?” I would love to instantly know who you are when you walk through my shop, and for the most part, I am a *very* good judge of character. But only you can know for sure what the glasses are supposed to reflect.

We are all for staying true to your roots, and we applaud Fhone for having the vision to stay true to their specific brand identity.

“Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right.  Others say, glasses have to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic.  Of course, that is also correct!”

It doesn’t matter what side of the argument you’re on, technically measured perfect or just oversized and fashionably fabulous… The one thing I know for certain is: Fhone is bringing some seriously sexy German back!

“Say it with your Eyes…and a smile!”

Who ever thought that covering up a little part of your face could open up a little window into your soul?

FHone in the Haus!