Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona

Authenticity is hard to come by these days.

In any field whether it be fashion, technology or politics, it seems like everyone is so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ that they lose their own direction.  But when you find your own path again and you find that inner spark that refuses to be put out, when you have that unrelenting drive to create, when you can no longer pretend to be something you are not…

You are an artist, a visionary, and someone we want to meet.

Etnia Barcelona has been creating eyewear since 2001 in Barcelona, Spain. They have a passion for eyewear, culture, travel and art. They draw their inspiration from talented artists from the worlds of fashion, photography, street art, and from the city and soul of Barcelona herself. Etnia seeks out fellow creators in these different fields and together create truly beautiful and interesting collaborative works of art using natural acetates and unique colors.

Etnia has worked with photographer STEVE MCCURRY, known for his work with National Geographic and more recently based a collection on artist JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT.

The company does color studies twice a year to update their collections with new richness and inspiration.

They start each collection with an open creative process conducting trend studies in different fields, such as fashion and art, to produce their season’s unique color palette and overall inspiration. It’s one thing to have amazing design, and it is another feat to have amazing materials to bring your design to life.  Etnia undoubtedly has both.

Etnia uses high quality, impact resistant, mineral glass lenses with anti-glare coating in a plethora of colors to bring the frame’s story to life.

Etnia Newcastle RDBK

The founder, David Pellicer, was able to draw on his families’ generations of experience in manufacturing eyewear, and was able to channel his own creativity to imagine something different.

“He wanted to leave a mark, to create a brand that focuses on being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured.”

If there is any eyewear that allows you to be who you truly are, Etnia is it. Etnia takes your inner artist and visionary self, and puts it on display for all others to see.

Original. Imaginative. Independent.

This is why we love Etnia Barcelona.

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