Customizing Your Glasses

What are custom made glasses?

Have you ever looked at a pair of sunglasses and thought, “Man, these look great, but this ___(insert complaint here)___ is just not me. I would totally get these if they had __(insert solution here)__.”

We are like little genies that can grant your optical wishes. Do you need an optical genie? Continue reading please.
Part of being an independent optical shop is being able to say to you: “That’s okay, we are going to put your prescription lenses in there anyway, and we can omit the mirror.” We do a lot of custom lenses for our clients. Would you like a hint of color on your prescription lenses? We have tint and mirror samples you can look through. Any color of the rainbow, Done.
Are you on your computer all day and need something to help with eyestrain? We can make your glasses with a special lens design, material and coating that can help. Next wish please.
Many times someone will fall in love with a sunglass style that doesn’t come polarized from the manufacturer, but he/she needs them polarized for driving, because we live in California and the glare on the freeway is a problem. We can cut custom polarized lenses into the frame and call you when they’re ready to pick up, or ship them out to you.

Besides customizing the lenses in your frames, we can also customize the frame itself. Whaaaaaat..?

Shiny or matte?

Sandblasting a frame can give it a cool modern matte texture. It can tone down a brassy tortoise, it can add intrigue to a plain black frame. We can sandblast one of our new frames for you, or you can bring in your current frame for us to do. Alternatively – If the matte finish isn’t your thing, we can have it polished up for you to give it a nice glossy look.

Custom Clip-On Sunglasses.

We can send frames out to have a matching titanium clip designed for a perfect fit to either a new frame that you choose, or your own existing frame. It’s a nice option to have for the coolness factor, and a nice substitute for prescription sunglasses.
Perhaps the most useful customization we can do is to add titanium nose pads to plastic frames.
My bridge is low, and while it would be ideal to find a proper fitting frame to start with, sometimes my inner child comes out and I just want what I want – and I don’t want to choose a different frame. And in this situation, adding custom nose pads can dramatically improve the fit and aesthetic of the frame.
We sometimes change people’s lives with this suggestion, because people don’t know this is a possibility.
The possibilities are really endless when you come to an independent shop like ours because we’re creative problem solvers and we are always up for offering ideas to make you love your glasses.

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