Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Do You Need Computer Glasses?

Many people these days stare at a computer screen over 8 hours a day for work, and in their free time scroll through their social media feeds. That is  a lot of screen time, and people are starting to feel it through uncomfortable digital eye strain. Symptoms of eyestrain include headaches, blurry vision, and dry eyes. But that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Experts say that Blue light emitted from all these screens can cause cumulative damage to the retina, and the full effects of all that light won’t be known for years to come. In the meantime, doctors recommend that people working on computers  take precautions by wearing blue light filtering glasses. 

Options For Computer Glasses

Blue Light filtering computer glasses are available with and without prescription and there are currently two front runners in the fight against harmful blue light. 

  1. Crizal Prevencia Ant-Relfective Coating: This coating is added to the surface of your lenses. Prevencia coating blocks blue light and reduces glare from your computer screen, which helps reduce eyestrain. It has a visible purple residual color, while most other Anti-Reflective coatings have a green residual color. Click here for more info on Prevencia.
  2. BluTech Lenses: A lens that has the blue blocking element mixed in to the plastic lens itself. This lens has a yellowish residual color. The higher your prescription and the thicker your lenses, the more you will notice the coloration. You may put a regular anti glare coating on top of this lens. Click here for more info on BluTech lenses.

Some people prefer to have these options included on their everyday pair of glasses, but some people would rather have a separate pair of glasses designated just for the computer. En Mass blue blocking lenses offer more protection than the blue filtering coatings, but they do tend to have a more noticeable yellow hue. There are also special computer progressive lens designs available for prescriptive lenses.  We offer both BluTech and Crizal Prevencia blue light filtering options at Van Brunt Optical Haus- and we can help you decide what options are best for you. 

Modern Day Protection

Computer glasses are truly a modern day necessity, with or without prescriptive lenses. There are now more reasons to wear blue filtering computer glasses than there are reasons not to. Retinal damage, mood and sleep disturbances, have all been linked to blue light exposure. With how connected we are to our screens these days, I’d rather be safe than sorry. For all the details and scientific figures on blue light studies, here is a good article on PubMed.

If you are going to wear glasses, they might as well be a reflection of your personality. Check out some of our favorite brands here. 

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