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Optical History

Intro to Vintage Frames

When I first started collecting vintage frames, I knew the basics that every optician knows about old glasses: they’re old, they’re most likely gold and they’re super cool. But then I really dove into researching the details and discovered what I thought I knew about these vintage treasures was slightly lost in translation. So if you’re into vintage glasses, this is where you’ll find answers to all the questions you never knew you had. Enjoy!  What exactly are “Vintage Frames”?…

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AO (American Optical) Trial Set – 40 Years Of Research

You will soon know that we are obsessed, not only with the history and design of vintage eyewear, but also the history of refraction; when and how it began.  With technology now days, walking into your Optometrist’s office, you are least likely to see one of these, a trial set. Nothing is more important to a refractionist than his trial set.  It is his means of providing his patients with accurate Rx lenses.  A trial set is a refractionist’s “court…

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