Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara

We love curating our shop with lines that are unique and interesting. Blake Kuwahara’s line is definitely one of the most unique and artfully crafted lines we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Blake Kuwahara style is cool urban moto meets upscale art gallery. We absolutley love that it’s both edgy and artistic.
Both classic and ultra modern. We can always say his collection incorporates vintage heritage with a modern twist, but this is different. Modern twist is too much of an understatement. This collection has a futuristic twist

Blake Kuwahara has been an eyewear designer since the 90s, but just recently launched his namesake in 2014.

Like most innovative designs, his collection was born out of a need for glasses to satisfy his own unique taste and style. Having his degree in Optometry and an undeniable passion for fashion, his frame designs are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Blake Kuwahara understands optics and aesthetics.
This talent is becoming more and more rare in an ever evolving “fast fashion” centric world.
He understands how a frame will feel and look on someone.

It’s winning combo to take his eyewear collection to the next level.

He takes a vintage inspired frame shape, and then encases it in another translucent acetate color and shape. 

The Blake Kuwahara collection is comprised of Sunglasses and Optical frames, most coming in a neutral pallet of varying shades and combinations of black, blue, gray and tortoise colors.

Kuwahara’s design is based on a frame within frame concept.

All handmade in Japan, the Kuwahara line has won awards in the optical and fashion industries for innovative frame design. Each frame takes 3 months to make. The collection designs are for men and women and shapes range from the classic unisex P3 round and aviator, to big Jackie O. styles full of drama and elegance.

Blake Kuwahara

The people who fall in love with a Blake Kuwahara frame are indeed people who fall in love less frequently than everyone else. What they are drawn to simply does not exist in everyday encounters. They are the people who only bring into their lives the things that have meaning to them and it could be months or even years, but they will wait for that special something. Therefore, when they do find that special something, they hold onto and cherish it because they know they will not soon fall in love again.

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