Barton Perreira

Both Bill Barton and Patty Perreira have been in the eyewear industry designing and running other companies for over 30 years each. Before starting their namesake company, they both contributed immensely to the iconic eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. It was a sad day in the eyewear industry when Luxottica acquired Oliver Peoples. But lucky for us eyewear aficionados, it seems like a few OP designers and show runner alumni have gone on to create their own success stories.

Design Without Compromise

Barton and Perreira take great pride in their eyewear brand, so is it any wonder that their motto is Design Without Compromise? I think not.

We love that the Barton Perreira brand is an independent luxury eyewear brand that lives up to the name, luxury.

BP utilizes beautiful materials like filigreed titanium, unique frame and lens color combinations, and polarized lenses. The collection has a nice balance of feminine and masculine styles, and is reminiscent of mid century design.

Barton Perreira Heptone
BP “Heptone” in Matte Champagne Chestnut Polar

Handmade in Japan

Barton Perreira is for those who enjoy and seek out the classics, and of course quality.

We have never seen so many styles that come in so many different colors of tortoise. Dark tortoise, light tortoise, literally a tortoise for every occasion. But they are all very different, and work with a wide variety of hair and skin tones.

Barton Perreira Banks Tortoise
BP “Banks” in Tortoises

All of their years developing relationships within the industry, has lead these entrepreneurs to Japan.

Barton Perreira is designed locally in Irvine, California, but Japan is legendary for having the most meticulous craftsmen in the eyewear industry.

Manufacturing eyewear there takes about 6-8 weeks to produce. High standards mean a long production time, but that’s okay with us. Each frame is beautiful and worth the wait.

Everlasting Quality

Barton and Perreira make creating a successful eyewear brand look easy and effortless.

But as we all know, it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to create anything at the highest level… and to make sure it stays there.

That’s why we love Barton Perreira. We love that they take the time to do what they do best, they don’t cut corners, and the product is fashion forward yet timeless.

So if you want that put together, classic, timeless and elegant look, come check out what we have curated for you from BP.

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